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F&V HDV-Z180S LED Panel Light

The Z180S UltraColour Bi-Color LED Light Panel features 180 LEDs with a CRI 95. Of the 180 LEDs, 90 LEDs are daylight-balance and 90 LEDs are tungsten balanced. The Z180S Bi-Colour UltraColour delivers a bright yet soft beam of 1380lx light output. 

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The new, 95 CRI LEDs place the F&V product line at the forefront of technology in the market for LEDs. The high CRI LEDs allow for rich, precise colour rendering and flexibility across the wide array of digital video sensors on the market today. By having a high CRI, the Z180S's light quality will be perceived in a similar fashion across all sensors with no discernable difference. The high CRI LEDs also offer great colour blending when using natural light sources such as daylight or tungsten filaments.

The Z180S has both a designated intensity dimmer knob and a designated CCT knob. Control the colour temperature of this light by turning the CCT knob to the left or right. The colour temperature of the light will transition smoothly from tungsten to daylight balanced light. The intensity dimmer knob controls the intensity of the light from 0-100%.

Multiple Z180S units can be linked together via its Expandable Link System, a dovetail attachment system. The lights can mount horizontally or vertically to one another. This linking system makes it easier to transport your lights and is a perfect solution for projects on-location, where carrying large sized lights becomes impractical. When the lights are linked together, the SmartSync Control Circuit allows you to control the intensity and CCT of all lights with only one of the light’s dimmer knobs. When the knob of the parent-light is adjusted, all connected lights match the intensity of the parent-light. The versatility of this light will make it a necessity to have in your lighting kit. This light is compact in size allowing for it to fit into small areas, yet with its Expandable Link System, this light can be both big and small.

This light comes with two (2) magnetic filters: one (1) tungsten filter that balances your light to 3200K and one (1) diffusion filter. This light is dimmable from 0-100%. This light has several powering options. It can be powered by its built-in battery plate with a Sony NP-F type battery, by its built in battery compartment with six (6) AA-batteries, or by an external power source via its DCΦ2.5 jack.

  • Can be mounted to a standard camera hot shoe mount via the supplied kai arm, or be used on a light weight stand with the 1/4 gga-02 adaptor. See accessories tab for light weight stand options.
  • Light weight stand option is if users want a different source of direction of light, other than camera side source of light, or if users want more than one source of light from various directions, then multiple light kits can be sourced.
  • F&V HDV-Z180S LED Panel Light
  • F&V CTO Plastic Magnetic Screen
  • F&V Diffusion Magnetic Screen
  • Ball Head Shoe Mount

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