Lenses for Hire

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  • Detachable ENG-Style Digital Drive Unit

  • Flange Focal Distance Adjustment

  • LDS and /i Compatible

  • Optional Hood available - Accepts M114 Filter

  • T2.9 Maximum Aperture with 9 Iris Blades

  • 31.5mm Diameter Image Circle

  • Aperture T2-2.2

  • Weight approx 3.6 kg/7.9 lbs

  • PL lens mount

  • Extremely fast aperture of T2.2 with no ramping
  • 329° focus rotation with over 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing
  • Superior optical performance rivaling prime lenses at equivalent focal lengths
  • PL Mount / Panavison mount conversion availiable. Nikon and Canon mounts available on request.
  • Accessories: 1.4x and 2x extenders available.
  • Available in feet or meters
  • Low chromatic aberration, telecentricity and low distortion, ideal for high performance S35 digital cameras 

  • Optimo quality and cinematic look at an affordable price 

  • Optical design optimized for today’s large format single sensor middle budget cameras with extended compatibility 

  • Internal focus with minimal breathing 

  • Image circle of 31.4mm diagonal for perfect illumination of the S35 sensors 

  • Very robust and precise zoom and focus mechanics with Angénieux unique rod guiding system design 

  • Precise focus marks with easily interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters 

  • Integrated filter holder for standard screw in filters 

  • Designed for easy maintenance

The ARRI Active Motor Controller AMC-1 is a compact motor controller with an LBUS interface that can connect with up to three daisy-chained cforce motors.

  • 18, 25, 29, 35, 50, 75, 100mm Focal Lengths

  • Covers RED Epic Dragon Sensor in 6K Mode

  • Maximum Aperture of T2.0

  • Lenses Share Physical Characteristics

  • Very Small, compact, light weight 

  • Extremly quiet ( 25 Db ) 

  • Motor connectability : daisy-chain connection 

  • Rotations/sec. : 3,75r/s; 150 teeth/s 

  • Can be equiped with a butterfly clamp for 15/19mm rods (optional) 

  • Cupdate via cvolution camin, compact handunit, cworld 

  • Scale setting auto thanks to a scale button 

  • General settings ajustable from a cmotion Hand Unit

  • EF Mount L-Series Lens

  • Aperture Range: F/3.5-40

  • Two Aspherical & Three UD Lens Elements

  • Weighs 4.9lbs
  • With a front Diameter of 114mm
  • Close focus at 2ft.
  • Weighs 16.5 lbs
  • With a front diameter of 134 mm 
  • Close focus: at 3‘11“.


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