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Signature Pictures Partners with Procam

Signature Pictures, a social enterprise film production company dedicated to tackling youth unemployment, partnered with Procam for its latest film, ‘When I Grow Up…’ 

  • Weighs 4.9lbs
  • With a front Diameter of 114mm
  • Close focus at 2ft.
  • Aperture T2-2.2

  • Weight approx 3.6 kg/7.9 lbs

  • PL lens mount

  • Weighs 16.5 lbs
  • With a front diameter of 134 mm 
  • Close focus: at 3‘11“.
  • Compact 3-axis lens and camera controller
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Integrated Lens Data Display
  • Vibrating focus marks
  • UDM-1 and Cinetape readout
  • Super-smooth, backlit focus knob with adjustable friction
  • Lens mapping to premarked focus rings
  • Optional ALEXA Remote License for change of camera settings
  • Includes 14, 24, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm lenses
  • Ideal for 4K digital cinema
  • 3-axis motor controller for any camera
  • Accurate lens data with any lens
  • Tilt and roll sensor
  • Lens metadata and timecode capture to SD card
  • Focus tracking with UDM-1
  • Serial interfaces (RS232/422/485)
  • Ethernet interface for IT integration
  • Optional interfaces to broadcast-style focusand zoom demands
  • Full-frame coverage.

  • Interchangeable mount.

  • Compact size and low weight of 1.1 kg.

  • Standard focus and iris gear positions.

  • T1.5 for use in low-light situations and for cinematic depth of field.

  • Robust cine-style housing with the ability to utilize a follow-focus system.

    • Extremely fast aperture of T2.6 with no ramping

    • 320° focus rotation with over 50 precise focus witness marks and no breathing

    • Exceptional optical quality enables the 15-40 to rival the best prime lens series at equivalent focal distances

    • Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution

    • Compact and very light (< 2 Kg), centre of gravity identical on all compact zooms

    • For high-end film and digital cameras

    • Minimium image circle 31.4mm diagonal, perfect for Super 35 film and digital cameras

    • PL Mount 19-90mm Zoom Lens
    • T2.9 Maximum Aperture with 9 Iris Blades
    • 31.5mm Diameter Image Circle
    • Removable ENG-style Digital Drive
    • Standard 0.8 Film Pitch Gears
    • Power and Control Connections to Camera
    • LDS and /i Technology Lens Data
    • 200 Degree Focus Rotation
    • Macro Focus Function
    • Flange Focal Distance Adjustment
    • Extremely fast aperture of T2.8 with no ramping

    • 320° focus rotation with over 20 precise focus witness marks and no breathing

    • Optical design optimized for today’s large format single sensor middle budget cameras with extended compatibility

    • Calibrated focus marks in feet or meters

    • Optimo quality and cinematic look


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