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Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support
Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support
  • Lens support for use with 19mm rods
Cine Tape Measure
Cine Tape Measure
  • A small, rugged, lightweight, and quiet ultrasonic range finder.
  • Compatible with all lenses, film cameras and video cameras.
  • Easy to set up and use, making it the first choice of professional filmmakers
MUSE LensBaby (EF Mount)
  • Sharp-Focus Areas with Gradual Blurring
  • Hybrid - Bellows & Tilt-Shift Cameras
  • Accepts Variety of Optics
  • Multi-Coated Optical Glass
  • Manual Focus
  • Pre-installed Double Glass Optic
Canon HJ17 x 7.7 HD Lens
  • Canon HD standard lens range 7.7mm - 130 mm.
  • HDTV Standard EFP Lens
  • Digital Drive Unit
  • X-Element & Power Optical System
HJ11 x4.7 B-III KLL-SC (T2.1) Cinestyle lens
HJ11 x4.7 B-III KLL-SC (T2.1) Cinestyle lens
  • Film style operation
  • Focus ring rotation : 270 degrees
  • Gear rings are compatible with cinematography film lenses
  • High definition Optical performance
  • Environmentally Friendly Design
Arri LS-10 35mm Lens Support
Arri LS-10 35mm Lens Support
  • Arri LS-10 lens support for use with 15mm rods
Canon HJ21 x7.8 HD Lens
  • Lightweight HD long lens 7.8mm-164mm
Set of Cooke Prime Lenses
Set of Cooke S4 Mini Prime Lenses
  • 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100mm Focal Lengths
  • Covers Epic S35mm Format Sensor
  • Fast Maximum Aperture of T2.8
  • Color-Matches All Cooke Lenses
  • /i Technology for Metadata Capture
  • S4/i-Like Construction
  • Linear Iris
  • Cam-Style Focus