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30 inch Jem Ball Light Fixture
  • Light weight design
  • Easy to set up
  • Collapses to minimal size
  • Several materials and fixtures available.
  • Assembles in seconds
  • 30" in diameter.
Any Dual Pro-Dim 5 (Flicker Unit)
  • Selectable dimming or zero voltage switching operation.
  • Internal joint 0-25% Preheat control.
  • Setting for use with electronic ballasts.
  • Recommended minimum load 100 W.
  • Two 0-10 V analogue inputs.
  • Selectable 1 second fade rate for soft start operation with large incandescents.
  • Optional DMX input on XLR and RJ45 with thumbwheel bcd address setting and selectable termination resistor.
Arri T5 5k Fresnel 5000 watt Light
  • Cross Cooling System: new, highly effective cooling streams in addition to conventional cooling
  • Stegmaier Connector: combination of connector and strain relief, rotatable for stand mount or hanging fixtures
  • Sliding Stirrup: centre of gravity adjustment
  • Til t Lock: stainless steel friction disc for rigid lock-off
  • Top Latches: application-oriented Top Latches for location or studio use
  • Adjustable Accessory Brackets: adjustable 2-scrim and 4-scrim position
  • Stainless Steel Lens Protection: maximised light transmission and high temperature stability
  • Extremely Robust Barndoors: made of special alloy with high strength-to-weight ratio and effective tightening function
  • Maintenance: more shared parts, very fast access to all interior workings with three torx drivers only
  • Improved Weather Protection / IP23: safe indoor and outdoor use
  • Safety Certification: CE, TV-GS, NRTL-US-C
Trace Frame 12ft x 12ft
  • Aluminium trace frame, 12ft x 12ft.
Litepanel Sola 6 LED Light
  • Daylight balanced
  • Beam Angle: 72° to 13°
  • Fresnel Lens: 6” / 15.24cm
  • Size: 11 x 10 x 15"/ 28 x 25 x 38cm
  • Weight: 9.10 lbs. / 4.13kg
  • Maximum Power Draw: 104W
  • Power Requirements: 14-28VDC / 100-240VAC
  • Power Supply: AC/DC 120-240VAC, DC power via 3-pin XLR
  • Includes: 4-way 8-leaf barndoors, manual yoke with junior pin adapter, power supply, power cord
Kino Flo Image 85
  • Image 85 DMX fixture
12 inch Mini Flo Kit
  • 16 Total Watts Possible
  • 2- Mini Flo 12" Fixtures
  • 2- AC/DC Power Supply/Ballasts
  • Cables, Mounts, Adapters
  • Flex Arm, Case
pancake lantern
Pancake Lantern
  • Medium 35" (90cm) square x 17" (43cm) deep Pancake Lantern.
Pea Soup Phantom Hazer
Pea Soup Phantom Hazer - PS49
  • Produces a barely visible atmospheric haze
  • Is perfect for large volume lighting and laser effects.
  • With a haze particle size of just 0.2 micron (mass median diameter)
  • The Longest Hang Time
  • Leaves NO RESIDUE
  • Can produce smoke if required
  • Most efficient - 1 litre of fluid creates 40 + hours of haze
  • #1 for total reliability
19 inch 500w Jem Ball Light Fixture
  • Light weight design 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Collapses to minimal size 
  • Several materials and fixtures available. 
  • Assembles in seconds 
  • 19" indiameter.