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Mini Plus LitePanel 5600K Spot
  • Integral Dimmer
  • AC/DC Operation Possible
  • Soft, directional output
  • Flicker-free
Westcott IceLight 5500
  • 50,000 Hour LEDs
  • 150W Tungsten Equivalent
  • 100-240V AC
  • Only 1.3 lb
  • Dimmable
  • Built-in 60 Minute Battery
  • 72.6° Beam Angle
Dedo Light & Dimmer Unit
  • Ultra compact size; Light output equal to much larger light sources.
  • Project background patterns with optional projection attachment and lenses.
  • Clean beam - no stray light; very even light distribution.
  • Variety of power options - Worldwide AC 100V to 255V, batteries, automotive power, or small generators.
  • The 120 volt dimmer allows precision control of color temperature.
Tegra 4ft 4 Bank Kino Flo
Tegra 4ft 4 Bank Kino Flo
  • Tegra 4Bank DMX Universal Head
  • Honeycomb Louver, Lollipop 5/8" Receiver
  • 1/2 Flozier Diffuser
  • Travel Case, Lamp Case
  • Built-in 100-240VAC Ballast
  • 100 - 5% Dimming
  • Local/Remote/DMX Dimming
  • Individual Switch for Each Lamp
  • Uses 4x 75W T12 Lamps
  • Built-in 6.5" Barndoors
Felloni 1x1 LED Bi-Colour
  • Lightweight, Water Resistant & Robust Fixture
  • Two Built-In Battery Options
  • Includes Diffuser To Soften Light
Arri 800-watt Light - Open Faced
  • A very versatile light.
  • This light has no lens and so puts out a very ´hard´ light.
  • Can be used to illuminate a small room by bouncing the light off the ceiling or alternatively you can fit a speed ring and a chimera soft box to the front of the light.
Arri 1,000-watt Light - Fresnel or Open Faced
  • Arri Junior 1000W Plus Manual Spotlight.
  • 1000 Watt ARRI Fresnel series
  • Compact tungsten Fresnel spotlight