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JokerBug 800 HMI Daylight (5600)
  • Lamp Housing: Aluminum casting, high temperature black. Striker compartment is made of aluminum in light gray finish.
  • Lamp Socket: G22, highly insulated for hot restrike.
  • Safety Glass Beaker: Borosilicate tempered.
  • Yoke: Aluminum casting black high temperature finish. Large T-handle and large brake area for use with Lightbanks, Speed Rings, Louvers and Lanterns.
  • BEAMER Housing: Solid one piece machined aluminum with replaceable ears. Black anodized.
  • BEAMER Reflector: 7" diameter specular parabolic, aluminum 90 percent reflectance electrolytically coated.
  • Accessory Size: 7 3/4"
  • Mounting/Grip Equipment: All standard 5/8" baby hardware.
  • Lamp: 800 Watt MSR/SE daylight single ended discharge. Special UV-Stop envelope. 600 hours maximum life.
  • Connectors: Veam quarter-turn quick locking.
  • Extension Cable: 25 foot shielded. Common to 200/400 and 800 (nine feet attached to the head).
  • Power Supply: Electronic, square wave flicker free. AC input: 90V to 132V or by sliding selector switch: 180-265V, 50 or 60Hz. On/Off push button switch. Completely silent (convection cooled).
Filmgear Space Light 2000W
  • Aluminium Lamp Housing
  • Black Skirt
  • Silk Skirt
  • Target
F&V K4000S 1x1 Led Light Kit
  • 400 Pure Color LEDs Daylight Balanced (5600K)
  • NEW Milk-White Diffusion Filter
  • NEW SmartSync Control Circuit (Optional)
  • Variable Dimmer (0-100%)
  • Efficient Power Consumption
  • Wide Range of Operating Voltages
  • Power with V-mount Battery or AC Adapter
  • Heat Free LED Technology
Prolights StudiocobFC Colour Led Par
  • Several optional lenses to adjust the beam angle 60°-30°-15°
  • COB source and aluminium parabolic reflector ensure a perfect colour calibration
  • Advanced and flicker-free new HD-Dimming technology
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories as bandors, filter frame and more
  • Black OLED display
  • IN/OUT wiring signal and power connections through XLR3p/5p/Powercon
Litepanels Astra 1x1 bi-colour LED
  • Output up to 4x brighter than traditional LED panels
  • Superior colour reproduction
  • Efficient thermal management with user selectable dual cooling modes
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0
ARRI D25 HMI Light
ARRI D25 HMI Light
  • Rating 2500W
  • Socket (Lampholder) G38 High Voltage
  • Lens (Condenser) 9.9" (250 mm) low expansion borosilicate Fresnel lens
  • Mounting 1 1/8" (29 mm) stand mount
  • Weight 31 lbs. (14 kg)
  • Dimensions 30.62 x 18.25 x 15.37" (77.7 x 46.4 x 39 cm)
Kino Flo Vista Single
  • High-Intensity Soft Light
  • 96W
  • Flicker-Free, Remote Operation
  • Instant-On, Dead Quiet
  • Soft Kit Case
Kino Celeb 200
  • Variable Color Temperature: 2,700-5,500K
  • 5 Color Presets
  • Local and DMX Dimming
  • Flicker-free
  • Includes Gel Frame and Louver
  • Multiple Rigging Options
  • Long Lamp Life
Rotolight Anova V2
  • Bi-color: 3,150 - 6,300K
  • 50 Degree Beam Angle
  • 3,460W Tungsten Equivalent
  • Wired DMX Control
  • Optional Magic Eye Color Sampling App
  • V-Mount
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • 6 Piece Filter Set
Dedo DLH400D 400w HMI
  • A 400W daylight fixture for single ended HMI lamps.