Matte boxes and filters

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Filters available on request

Filters available on request
Filters available on request
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There are many filter systems and as many individual filters to choose from as there are leaves in the forest. The options are vast and varied and selecting a filter system can be a daunting undertaking. Sometimes the choice is dictated by which camera you use or which lens you own. Some of the different varieties of filters include: Screw-on, Bayonet, Series, Drop-in and Square and rectangular systems and Matte Boxes. Filters may be glass, plastic, resin, or soft polyester gelatin.

Other important filter issues are: What effect do I want to achieve? What lens is the filter for? What size filter does my lens take? Which filter system is best for me? What filters do I really need? 

So, before you end up with a mountain of filters, contact us for the best proffesional advice. 


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