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Lenses for Hire

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Canon ZSD-300D Remote Zoom Demand
  • Will attach to the lens via a 20-pin connector
  • Allows zoom, zoom speed and record control from the panning handle
  • makes the camera easier and smoother to operate.

Cine Tape Measure
Cine Tape Measure
  • A small, rugged, lightweight, and quiet ultrasonic range finder.
  • Compatible with all lenses, film cameras and video cameras.
  • Easy to set up and use, making it the first choice of professional filmmakers

Arri BP-5 35mm Baseplate Mount
Arri BP-5 35mm Baseplate Mount
  • Bridge Plate for ARRIFLEX 535 Cameras

Arri BP-6 16mm Baseplate Mount
Arri BP-6 16mm Baseplate Mount

  • Bridge plate BP-6 for 16 SR 3

Arri LS-10 35mm Lens Support
Arri LS-10 35mm Lens Support
  • Arri LS-10 lens support for use with 15mm rods

Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support
Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support
  • Lens support for use with 19mm rods

MUSE Lens Baby PL Mount
MUSE Lens Baby PL Mount
  • Flexible, tube based, manual compression focusing system
  • fluid and continuous tilt to move the sharp area of focus
  • Interchangeable optics feature curved field of focus, giving you a unique way to control depth of field
  • Images have one circular sharp area with surrounding areas dropping off into a beautiful blur
  • Native PL mount for use with motion picture cameras

Canon FPD-400 Remote Focus
Canon FPD-400 Remote Focus
  • Focus positional servo demand designed for Canon lens controller kits,
  • Provides precision focus control
  • Is useful in a variety of professional broadcast applications, including live event coverage and sports.

Remote Zoom 521PRO
  • Controls record/stop, zoom in/out
  • 20-inch cable
  • Clamp-style attachment
  • Compatible with Sony and Canon for Mini DV, HDV, and Hi8 cameras

Arri Wireless Lens Control System LCS
  • Wireless control of zoom, focus and iris.
  • Requires 15mm or 19mm bar system.