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ABOUT procam projects

Procam Projects plans, supports and executes large-scale productions in collaboration with some of the top production companies, in the UK and US. Our multidisciplinary team has a wealth of technical and project management experience in managing production budgets, technical and personnel requirements for complex, award-winning shows.

We welcome enquiries at any stage of production. To learn more and to get in touch, visit Procam Projects, email or call 0208 646 5511.


From pre-commission and all stages of production, through to delivery, our technical experience allows us to advise on the latest technology, whilst expertly manoeuvring budgets, timelines and workflows.


Productions are a creative, collaborative process that require effective communication. Together with your production team, we will ensure that your production goes as smoothly as possible.


From a small three camera rig to a 50 camera live music production, we are committed to working together with you to provide bespoke solutions to suit your production needs.


Procam Projects leverages its access to specialised, industry-leading equipment, as well as its strong technical expertise to offer you the most up-to-date, tailored and comprehensive project and technical management support.


We provide creative and technical support throughout the pitching process in order to help you get your project set up properly from the very start.


We advise you on the most cost-effective solutions for your project, ensuring that you remain within budget, without compromising your creative goals.


Project planning and location management are provided throughout the production, as well technical supervision, unit managing and crewing.


We work closely with your post-production team to provide you with the most efficient workflows, thereby helping keep costs down and streamlining your overall production process.

We Provide

the who at royal albert hall 

“Usually when you shoot with digital film cameras in a multi-camera environment, it’s a hybrid affair with cameras and lenses coming from one vendor, and a separate OB coming from another company. This can seem disjointed. I was very happy to work with a company that can supply everything – the cameras, lenses and OB, all from under one roof. Procam Projects was very good at understanding and delivering on both sets of pressures – a live multi-camera broadcast set up, married with digital cinema cameras and a whole host of more film-related considerations for our creative. Everybody from the director onwards was really happy.” – Emer Patten, EP-PIC Films & Creative


"Procam Projects was invaluable to our production, Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales. We had an incredibly tight turnaround on this programme and used approximately 25 cameras on each of our 3 hidden camera stories. Procam’s flexibility, knowledge and competitive pricing made things work extremely smoothly, allowing us to work collaboratively to work out the best technical solutions for every scenario. Their passion and enthusiasm was truly second to none!” - Allison Dore, Line Producer - Crook Productions


Procam Projects helped support the backstage filming for the show’s auditions, held in Manchester and supported by Procam’s Manchester office, as well as the show’s weekend workshops, which were filmed at various notable London locations, including The Royal Albert Hall. A combination of nine F55 and FS7’s camera kits, as well as Procam camera assistants, were on-site to help execute the productions. Once the live show started, Procam Projects provided six FS7 camera kits for the weekly VT inserts. Procam Crew, including a Data Wrangler, were onsite to help support the show’s tapeless workflow.

Bark In The Park

“The entire Procam team was professional, friendly and flexible right fromthe start. We presented quite a challenging and unique project, and they were on board with us right from the very first email. Their knowledge and understanding of our requirements was second to none – the experience they brought to filming our live event really could not have been replicated by any other company!” - Charlotte Trotman, Producer - VCCP

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