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Set of Zeiss Superspeed Lenses

Zeiss Super Speeds are high-quality, fast PL-mounted lenses perfect for all 35mm film and digital cinematography cameras. A very compact lens design, they are also very suitable for handheld  & gimbal filming.

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These lenses date from the 1980s era and are a popular choice for DoPs looking to shoot in low light conditions without ramping ISO. 

For some great examples of how they look on camera, check out some of these films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation, City of God, Moonrise Kingdom.

  • Zeiss Super Speed 18mm T1.3 – close focus: 10″
  • Zeiss Super Speed 25mm T1.3 – close focus: 10″
  • Zeiss Super Speed 35mm T1.3 – close focus: 14″
  • Zeiss Super Speed 50mm T1.3 – close focus: 28″
  • Zeiss Super Speed 85mm T1.3 – close focus: 36″

All lenses have an 80mm front diameter.

  • 18mm Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 Lens
  • 25mm Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 Lens
  • 35mm Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 lens
  • 50mm Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 Lens
  • 85mm Zeiss Superspeed T1.3 Lens
  • Raven 80mm Ring for Zeiss Superspeeds

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