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Dedo Light & Dimmer Unit
  • Ultra compact size; Light output equal to much larger light sources.
  • Project background patterns with optional projection attachment and lenses.
  • Clean beam - no stray light; very even light distribution.
  • Variety of power options - Worldwide AC 100V to 255V, batteries, automotive power, or small generators.
  • The 120 volt dimmer allows precision control of color temperature.
Lowel 500w Rifa Light - EX55
  • Dedicated softlight fixture with removable lamphead centered in collapsible silver aluminized high temperature Nomex® housing.
  • Umbrella-like design for quick 60 second setup & strike.
  • State of the art woven glass fabric front diffuser offers exceptional heat resistance. Front diffuser must always be used.
  • Light controlled with fold-up accessory fabric Egg Crates.
Filmgear Space Light 2000W
  • Aluminium Lamp Housing
  • Black Skirt
  • Silk Skirt
  • Target
Arri T5 5k Fresnel 5000 watt Light
  • Cross Cooling System: new, highly effective cooling streams in addition to conventional cooling
  • Stegmaier Connector: combination of connector and strain relief, rotatable for stand mount or hanging fixtures
  • Sliding Stirrup: centre of gravity adjustment
  • Til t Lock: stainless steel friction disc for rigid lock-off
  • Top Latches: application-oriented Top Latches for location or studio use
  • Adjustable Accessory Brackets: adjustable 2-scrim and 4-scrim position
  • Stainless Steel Lens Protection: maximised light transmission and high temperature stability
  • Extremely Robust Barndoors: made of special alloy with high strength-to-weight ratio and effective tightening function
  • Maintenance: more shared parts, very fast access to all interior workings with three torx drivers only
  • Improved Weather Protection / IP23: safe indoor and outdoor use
  • Safety Certification: CE, TV-GS, NRTL-US-C
Arri 800-watt Light - Open Faced
  • A very versatile light.
  • This light has no lens and so puts out a very ´hard´ light.
  • Can be used to illuminate a small room by bouncing the light off the ceiling or alternatively you can fit a speed ring and a chimera soft box to the front of the light.
Arri 1,000-watt Light - Fresnel or Open Faced
  • Arri Junior 1000W Plus Manual Spotlight.
  • 1000 Watt ARRI Fresnel series
  • Compact tungsten Fresnel spotlight
Arri 2000-watt Light - Fresnel or Open Faced
  • Tungsten with Fresnel lens
  • 2000 watts
  • voltage:100 - 250V
  • color temperature:3200K
  • bulb socket:G38
  • Fresnel lens diameter:175mm
  • Filter socket diameter:245mm
  • barndoors socket diameter:229mm
  • Illumination angle spot°/flood°13 / 60
  • illumination power spot mod:3m: 16900 lux
  • illumination power flood mode:3m: 3000 lux
  • mount:spigot 28mm (1-1/8" stud)
  • power cord:3.5m with in-line switch
  • protection class:IP22, CE & RoHS
  • material:aluminum
  • color:blue/gray
  • product weight:8.7 kg
  • package weight:10.5 kg
  • dimensions mm ( H x W x L )600 x 360 x 290 mm
Lowel Rifa Light
  • Umbrella Style Softbox Light
  • Changeable Socket