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Audio Wireless AWDR-1 Receiver

The AWDR-1 receivers are true space-diversity designs, comprising two independent receiver sections fed from separate antennae. A combining circuit automatically rejects the output from the receiver with the weakest signal, giving a dramatic improvement to dead-spot, signal dropout problems when compared to conventional non-diversity, or more basic antenna-diversity designs

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When signals of similar strength are received, the audio outputs are mixed to improve the signal to noise ratio still further. 

The AWDR-1 features multiple RF stages to give outstanding selectivity and sensitivity, while the digitally controlled circuitry achieves optimum mobile operation with greater flexibility. The receiver’s unique noise reduction system provides trouble-free operation in low RF signal situations – even in hostile RF environments – exceeding broadcasters’ requirements. A pilot tone and noise mute is operational in the heart of the unit’s squelch system, effectively blocking any stray RF and noise interference when the receiver is in signal reception stand-by mode. 

A 4-pin Hirose or large 6-pin Lemo connector (model dependent) carries the audio output, providing the choice of balanced variable line or mic-level outputs. The balanced high-level output can be adjusted via the multi-function LCD display. The receiver includes a mini phone jack for monitoring the output with headphones – either a mono or stereo plug can be used, with an auto-detect facility setting the output according to the type of plug connected. 

Informative Displays 
The AWDR-1 is equipped with a LCD screen on its front panel, as well as the convenience of a multi-LED on the top panel. Together, these provide instant information on the receiver status and its matching transmitter, with the LCD enabling audio output levels to be visible when the unit is mounted on the back of a camcorder. On the top panel, two tri-colour LEDs show which half of the receiver is active, and continuously monitor the received signal strength (RSSI). The transmitter’s battery status is also monitored by means of a ‘TX BATT LED’, warning the operator of a ‘Low Battery’ state on the matching transmitter. The receiver’s internal or external battery status is also continuously monitored, by the “RX BATT LED”. 

The LCD also provides continuous information on Receiver frequency, Antenna RSSI levels, AF output, phase, Mute, and RX Battery Status. An easy-to-operate menu system is used to set receiver frequency, audio output level, mute level threshold and audio phase. 

Flexible powering
The AWDR-1 can be powered by three alternative methods: 

  • External power, via the 4-pin Hirose connector, using a RCP cable
  • Phantom power, via the antenna connectors, when used in an antenna distribution system
  • Internal power, by 2 x AA standard alkaline batteries

The AWDR-1 is equipped with a unique battery compartment design, with the receiver’s twin AA batteries held in place by a captive, easy-twist compartment cover, featuring a click-stop mechanism. This is simple and intuitive in operation, enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone – invaluable when working under pressure – with the durability to withstand the heavy demands of location work and day-in-day-out hiring. 

The AWDR-1 is designed and built to the highest standards of RF and audio engineering, as well as mechanical integrity, to provide years of performance under the most extreme RF and field conditions. 

  • Small, true-diversity receiver
  • Ideal for ENG/EFP and location work
  • Digitally switchable RF front-end
  • Switching bandwidths up to 120MHz
  • Readily available up to 4000 channels
  • Internal or external powering
  • Easy-twist battery compartment cover, with click-stop reassurance
  • Easy operation by backlit LCD with programmable functions
  • Balanced variable line output
  • Stereo/mono mini-jack with monitor-volume control
  • Continuous RX and TX status indicators
  • RF, Pilot tone and noise operated mute
  • Tough, lightweight aluminium case
  • Reliable, professional-grade connectors

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