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Behringer MX882 splitter/mixer

The Behringer MX882 MX882 ULTRALINK PRO 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer boasts a variety of flexible features, making the unit flexible enough for use in theatres, conference rooms, P.A. monitoring, live sound reinforcement, and recording. 

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The MX882 multi-function audio signal router features 6 inputs and outputs which allowing dual usage as a mixer or signal splitter. The signal splitter function allows users to route incoming audio signal, via the main stereo inputs, to any of the available 6 outputs. Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs assure quiet, high-quality audio signal. You can use the MX882 as a DI-Box, or as a multi-channel line matching transformer. Every channel features comprehensive 8-segment metering of input gain, with 4-segment metering provided on main in and main output channels.

Splitter and Mixer Function
The MX882 is a versatile problem solver. The unit features 6 mono inputs and can function as a standard mixer or receive incoming signal and distribute it via any of the available 6 outputs. Channels can be individually assigned for either mixing or splitting signal, allowing both functions to operate simultaneously.

Direct Box Feature
Servo Balanced inputs and outputs allow the MX882 to be used as a DI-Box.

Line Matching Transformer Feature
The MX882 can also be used as multi-channel line matching transformer. Line or level matching is necessary when connecting consumer impedance devices, such as cassette players, with professional level devices (consoles, professional digital or analogue recorders etc.). The levels are matched between unbalanced to balanced (or vice versa) without any noise or artefacts.

Balanced Input and Output
High quality gold plated, balanced connectors maintain high signal gain structure while ultra low-noise 4580 op amps minimise hum and line noise.

Comprehensive Metering
Every channel features comprehensive 8-segment metering of input gain. 4-segment metering provided on Main In and Main Output Channels.

  • For Live Sound or Recording
  • Splitter & Mixer Function
  • Direct Box Feature
  • Level Conversion
  • Use as Line Matching Transformer
  • Balanced Inputs & Outputs
  • Comprehensive Metering

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