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Digi slate

The timecode is recorded continuously on a special track on the tape, and the timecode is also displayed continuously on a large LED display on the digital slate.

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By showing the digital slate to the camera before the action starts, the editor knows exactly what the tape's timecode is and can synchronise it with the film. 

Sometimes a digital slate contains a clapper, but generally it is not needed. The digital slate normally has a slate area, because identifying each shot is still extremely important during editing.

  • The digital slate is the more modern form of the clapperboard.
  • The tape recorder contains a timecode generator.
  • Stores and displays free running time code and user bits
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Digi slate
  • Male XLR to Lemo (TC out)
  • Female XLR - Lemo (TC In)
  • BNC-Lemo (TC Out)
  • BNC-Lemo (TC In)
  • Male XLR-BNC

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