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DPA 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone

The 4066 is a flexible miniature microphone solution that features very easy and fast adjustment. The headset construction is unique in design, offering both left and right mounting and colour change. It is also possible to use the MMB4066 Miniature Microphone Boom, Omni directional, separately, in applications where the headset is not needed.

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The 4066 offers a clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom.

Attention has been paid to the humidity problems that often occur in theatrical applications. A double vent protection system, a drop stopper on the microphone boom, together with water resistant materials inside the microphone, makes it more than difficult for the humidity to cause the microphone to fail. The headset surface is matte gold plated and the ear-hooks are covered with a silicone hose.

The sensitivity is 6 mV/Pa to match the level of the human voice to the general input sensitivity of most wireless transmitters. If powered correctly the microphone will be able to handle sound pressure levels up to 144 dB SPL before clipping occurs.

A wide range of connection adaptors makes it possible to use the 4066 with most of the professional wireless systems available plus 48 V phantom XLR connection.

The chosen headset mic for theatres on Broadway and West End, 4066 is available in three colours (black, beige, brown) and three sizes (small, medium, large).

  • Left- or Right-Ear Mounting
  • Humidity-Resistant Design
  • Silicone Hose-Covered Earhooks
  • For Theater Applications
  • DPA4066 Headset Mic (Native Microdot Connector)
  • Microdot to 6Pin Lemo Adaptor
  • Microdot to 3.5mm Screw Lock Adaptor

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