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SKP-300 G3 PLUG in Transmitter

Flexibility is the outstanding feature of this plug-on transmitter that turns every wired microphone into a freely mobile wireless one. Thank to its phantom powering the SKP 300 G3 can be used with condenser and dynamic microphones alike. 

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With up to 24 parallel frequency banks, switchable transmission power, wireless synchronisation via infrared and, last but not least, its sturdy metal housing the SKP 300 G3 is perfectly fit for the demanding professional routine. And a crystal-clear sound is provided by the HDX compander.

  • P48 phantom power for easy use of any cabled mic
  • Plug-on transmitter with XLR-3F connector for quick use, no visual interference of cables
  • Rugged metal housing for rough use
  • Up to 42 MHz switching bandwidth for flexible use at different locations
  • CH38 SKP-300 G3 PLUG in TX (for Sennheiser)
  • Sennheiser EW 100-G3 Receiver
  • **Boompole and microphone as per request**

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