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Wisycom Wireless Comms System

The WisyCom CTK38 transmitter is designed to work with the Invisity range of miniature in-ear receivers from Phonak. The Audio and RF are tailored to the spec for the Invisity Flex and Invisity 4 units.

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The CTK38 has an easily set input limiter on the front panel along side a mic / line level input switch controlling the input from the rear XLR input socket. A PTT socket is on a 1/4 inch socket on the rear of the unit for remote switching. The CTK38 can hold up to 16 channels over a 7MHz frequency range within the VHF band from 140 to 250 MHz. Controlled from the selector on the front panel.

  • VHF band (140 รท 250 MHz)
  • 16 switchable frequencies
  • High output power (300 mW)
  • It assures the top receiving quality from MicroEar receivers, thanks to the special audio treatment of the modulation
  • Provided with PTT (Push to Talk) and (optional) VOX (Voice-controlled operation)

Wisycom Wireless Comms System / AKG542 Mic

  • NP Charger
  • IDX NP-L7S Battery
  • IDX NP-L7S Battery
  • Wisycom CST38 Transmitter
  • Antenna for CST38
  • Wisy Main to 4XLRF
  • 4XLRM to Wisy Power
  • Phonak Invisity Flex FM Receiver
  • NP1 Adaptor for Wisycom
  • Ear Piece Box
  • 3 x Earbuds
  • 2 x Phonak Zink Air Batteries
  • 2 x Green Cerumen Filters
  • Instructions
  • AKG D-542 ST-S Paging Mic
  • Short XLR
  • Medium Peli 1550 - (52x43x21cm)

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