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ZAXCOM QRX235 Receiver

The QRX235 with QIFB gives you a total confidence loop, it receives audio and timecode then sends it right back.

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The Zaxcom QRX235 digital wireless receiver is an improvement on the QRX100. It’s ordered in the same standard frequency blocks, but its new RF modulation allows transmitter and receiver to venture farther from one another while maintaining stable signal transfer. Itメs also available with the QIFB option.

Single Mode Receiver Type - True diversity single conversion digital demodulator

Dual Mode Receiver Type - Antenna diversity single conversion digital demodulator

RF Modulation - Proprietary digital method

RF Frequency Range - 518.0 to 872.0 MHz (blocks are 20 to 36 MHz wide)

RF Frequency Step - 100 KHz

RF Bandwidth - 200 KHz

Channel Separation - 500 KHz (700 KHz recommended)

Sensitivity -  -110 dBm

Antenna Connector - 50-ohm SMA female

  • Zaxcom QRX235 Wideband Receiver
  • x2 Zaxcom TRX LA3.6 Digital Recording Wireless
  • Zaxcom ERX2 Receiver (Listening)
  • PX Headphones
  • Timecode/BNC/Power Cabling
  • x4 Flexi Aerials for QRX235/LA2.6
  • x2 Belt Clips
  • x2 8gb Micro SD Cards & Reader
  •  8 AA Batteries
  • BNC Barrel

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