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Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage

The Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage for GoPro HERO3 is designed to protect your GoPro HERO3 action camera from falls, bumps, and crashes. In addition it can be used with the HERO3+ if the HERO3 Housing or Skeleton Housing is used.

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The GoPro attaches into the Cobalt Cage, and in the case of the HERO3 can be used with or without the GoPro original underwater housing. The optional Redrock Micro Deluxe Accessory Kit allows you to attach the HERO3 without its underwater housing, which eliminates the possible fogging that can plague your video and still shots, while still keeping the camera and its optics protected. In contrast to the one mounting point of GoPro's housing, the Cobalt Cage provides 22 different 1/4"-20 threads that surround the camera in all 360°. This allows you to use the Cobalt Cage to attach a variety of GoPro camera accessories.

The lightweight 6.5 oz Cobalt Cage features a reinforced high tensile design, and it's made of military-grade aluminium. This makes it impact-proof, crash-proof, and crush-proof. The multiple mounting points also allow you to mount the GoPro HERO3 using a true triangulation method, which minimises vibrations by providing stable and secure mounting. You can also expand your arsenal of mounting options with support rails, suction cups, clamps and more. You can under-sling or side-sling the HERO3 as well, which will help you capture perspectives that would be otherwise impossible to capture with just the GoPro stock underwater housing.

Cobalt Cage can be used with the HERO3 underwater housing or Skeleton Frame. In addition, the HERO3 can also be used without any housing when employing the optional Deluxe Accessory Kit

  • Full cage coverage provides a protective design that's impact-proof, crash-proof, and crush-proof
  • Secured by six points of contact, which means you won't have to rely on just a finger mount
  • Provides 22 different mounting points on all four sides for rigging and accessories
  • Cobalt Cage is compatible with all GoPro camera add-on accessories
  • Cobalt Cage affords full access to all GoPro ports, switches and card slots
  • Reinforced High-Tensile Aluminum Design
  • Provides 22 Standard 1/4"-20 Threads
  • Works without GoPro Underwater Housing
  • Withstands Impact, Crash, Crushing
  • Secured by Six Points of Contact
  • Affords Full Access to Ports & Switches
  • Compatible with All GoPro Accessories
  • Can be Used w/HERO3+ using HERO3 Housing

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