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GoPro Karma Grip Stabiliser

Mount your Hero 4 or 5 to this handheld, wear-able stabilizer to capture incredibly smooth and stable videos. *GoPro hired separately.*

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The GoPro Karma Grip Stabiliser is stabilised by a motorised system that transforms your shots into fluid and sweeping action footage. Hand-held and mountable, the grip features full built-in controls to work as one with the camera. Whatever your activity, you’re assured of seamlessly steady filming, at the heart of the action.

Smooth & Stable
Utilising a 3-axis motorised gimbal stabiliser, the Karma Grip ensures the GoPro camera is always immune to vibration. Whether you’re running, jumping, hiking, biking, or even standing still, your footage will always be smooth and shake-free.

Hand-held & Mountable
As well as being hand-held, the Karma Grip can be attached to other GoPro mounts and accessories with the included mounting ring. It can even be worn on the body with the GoPro Chest Mount Harness. So you can always find the most dynamic shooting perspective.

Control & Charge
The grip handle features full controls for powering on and off, starting and stopping recording, and changing modes. Both grip and camera can charge at the same time, and you can offload your new footage without having to unmount the camera. Recharging via USB, the Karma Grip can keep shooting stunningly stable epics for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • Hero 5 or 4 Harness
  • Karma Grip Stabiliser
  • Karma Grip Handle
  • Karma Grip Mounting Ring
  • USB Charge Cable

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