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Created to satisfy the demand for a simple and affordable yet highly effective camera crane for compact HD camcorders and D-SLR cameras, the Polecam Starter Pack is a great way to enter the exciting world of camera jibs.

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Polecam's new remote pan/tilt head is able to cope with significantly increased load (up to 3.5kg) and larger camera dimensions.  The head features sophisticated electronic control and precision damping in order to deliver seamless panning and tilting for HD broadcast grade camera moves.

For maximum flexibility, the new head design doubles as a fixed remote head by simply unscrewing the Polecam drop arm, removing a small plate and attaching it to the top of the wide head - You can then mount the inverted head on a clamp, stand or similar bracket then hook up the joystick, plug in some power, connect the video and away you go!

Polecam Starter Pack comes with the essential kit you need to form the basis of your rig:

  • Polecam Back End
  • 3 Carbon Fibre Poles
  • Polecam rig wiring loom
  • Polecam remote joystick controller
  • Polecam precision servo pan & tilt head with pan/tilt safety clutches
  • AC power unit
  • Polecam rigging stand
  • Polecam saddle bag set

Popular optional extras include a monitor, quick release battery plates and Pelicase 1770 rolling transport case.

  • Lightweight and versatile camera crane
  • Designed for compact HD camcorders and D-SLR cameras
  • Remote pan/tilt head is able to cope with up to 3.5kg
  • The head features electronic control and precision damping
  • Polecam w/ Wide Head
  • 2x 10kg Weights
  • 2x 5kg Weights
  • 2x 2.5kg Weights
  • Sachtler Cine 30 Tripod Head
  • Cine 30 Wedge Plate
  • Sachtler 6053 Adapter Piece Mitchell (Cine 30)
  • Sachtler 6053 Tie Down/Screw (Cine 30)
  • Ronford Tall 150mm Bowl H/D Legs- Converted to MOY
  • Ronford Ground Spreader
  • TV Logic LVM-070C 7" Monitor
  • 2x Mini XLR to D-Tap DC lead (LA-58A)
  • 4x BNC Cables
  • 5m HDMI Lead
  • 4x Hawk-Woods VL-90HP V-Lok Battery
  • Hawk-Woods VL-4X4 Charger (Quad)

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