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Ronford F7 Head

The Fluid 7 has two sealed fluid units, controlled via 3 basic on/off levers, that may be varied through seven stages, from a soft, free movement to heavy control. Both pan and tilt actions are continuous through 360 º, depending on the length of the lens and camera. 

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The platform, which is available in several widths, can be adjusted in height to meet the camera's centre of gravity., and includes a second pan bar with ratchet attachment. Quick change spacing blocks and riser plates are also available.

  • Fluid cushioned free head
  • Sealed fluid system gives seven degrees of control in both pan and tilt
  • Smooth accurate braking on pan and tilt
  • Recessed circular spirit levels
  • 360º scale on pan
  • 150mm or Mitchell base, other fittings can be supplied on request
  • Double taper roller bearings throughout
  • Camera screw and platform adjust for vertical and horizontal balance
  • Second pan bar available
  • Ronford F7 Head  (150mm Bowl)
  • Ronford Tall Medium Duty Legs
  • Ronford Short Medium Duty Legs

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