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ARRI Wireless Lens Control System LCS

The Arri Wireless Lens Control System WLCS - is an easy-to-use remote control system for camera lenses. A compact, modular system that can be expanded from simple zoom control to a complete remote-control system for zoom, focus and iris.

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An important advantage of the system is the Lens Data Display can instantly show all respective data on a comfortable display e.g. the respective depth of field. Non LDS - lenses can be equipped with the Lens Data Mount to integrate with the system.

The system can be operated via radio or remotely controlled via a cable.

  • Wireless control of zoom, focus and iris.
  • Requires 15mm or 19mm bar system.
  • Arri Wireless Control Unit (WCU-3)
  • Arri Zoom Control (ZMU-3A)
  • Arri Universal Motor Controller (UMC-3A)
  • 3x Arri Controlled Lens Motor (CLM-2) w/ Gears
  • Cable K-ZMU3-LCS 26cm (KC129-S/  K2.6515
  • Cable K-UMC-3 D-TAP (K2.65187.0)
  • UMC-3 - Alexa RS Cable (KC 98-S/ K2.6501
  • 2x Arri LCS Marking Disc
  • Arri WCU - ZMU Support Bracket
  • Noga/ Small Magic Arm
  • 3x batts and charger

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