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Canon HJ11 x 4.7 HD Lens

The Canon HJ11 x 4.7 is this widest HD lens available and has been designed to provide the highest quality pictures that are required in HD shooting.

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This lens when parried with a longer lens such as the HJ22 provide the best possible range of shooting setups. Making even the smallest room look appealing or capturing a vast landscape this lens is suited to all environments. 

Comes with Canon remote zoom control.

  • f1.8 super wide-angle HD zoom
  • 91.0° angle of view at 4.7mm
  • 2x extender
  • Servo assist zoom & iris
  • Digital drive unit for easy shot replication
  • X-Element & power optical system
  • Equipped with Canon's original rotary encoder device
  • Canon HJ11x4.7
  • Canon ZSD-300D (Digital)

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