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Antari HZ-500 Cracked Oil Hazer

Enhance your light shows and laser beam effects with the HZ-500 Hazer from Antari Fog Machine. Enclosed in a flightcase with a wide top opening, the HZ-500 is designed to quickly fill larger spaces with fine, translucent haze. 

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Antari is proud to unveil the innovative HZ-500 Hazer with passion, to the entertainment industry.  This groundbreaking masterpiece created by Antari R&D team is invested with profound experience in studying and designing haze machines after years of hard work.  

Therefore, the performance of HZ-500 is second to none and better than any other hazers on stage. It can work perfectly with laser beam and lighting to bring the best atmospheric effects to all events.  

HZ-500 is definitely the best choice for all stage designers, performers, and audiences who are sensitive to surrounding settings. The extraordinary low fluid consumption rate makes HZ-500 more energy-efficient and more environmental-friendly. Last but not least, its silent operation is highly demanded by professionals.

  • Antari HZ-500 Cracked Oil Haze Machine
  • HZ-500 Flight Case Lid
  • HZ-500 Nozzle
  • HZ-500 Rubber Stopper
  • Manual
  • IEC Cable
  • Rubber Gloves

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