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ARRI 1.2K HMI Light

Arri Compact 1200 Watt HMI Kit. The fixture sports a 6.9″ lens that provides a smooth, even field of light.

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Powering the HMI fixture is the Arri multi-voltage ballast. It has on-board dimming, offers flicker-free power, and can be connected to your control board for remote dimming. Supplied with stand, spare bulb and a case for the head and ballast. Gels provided as requested.

  • Daylight balance
  • 0Hz, 60Hz and flicker free (for high speed shooting)
  • Partially dimmable (down to approximately 50% power)
  • 110v – 240v self switching
  • Arri 1.2K Compact HMI Light
  • Arri Ballast for D5/575/1.2K
  • 575/ 1.2/ 1.8/ Arrisun5 Header Cable
  • Arri Heavy Duty Stand (A1045B)

Hire the ARRI 1.2K HMI Light from Procam.
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Leica, Blackmagicdesign, Sony, ARRI, Canon, ZEISS, TLS, Panasonic

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