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F&V R300 5600K LED Ring Light

The all-new Milk Diffusion Filter for the R-300 LED Ring Light. Not only does this offer beautiful, wrapping light, but also the thick diffusion makes it much easier for your talent to look in the direction of the light. Simply snap the Magnetic Milk Filter in place and start shooting!

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  • Light weight, Slim Profile
  • 1950 lux @ 1-meter 
  • Magnetic, Snap-on Filters, Quickly modify your light with two magnetic filters that easily snap on and off the face of your light. 
  • Variable Dimming 
  • Multiple Power Options: Keep your shoots portable with the built-in battery plate, or power your R-300 through the wide-voltage DC jack to keep the juice running all day. 
  • A 65° beam angle delivers a wide, even beam of light. Perfect for portraits, interviews, or any scene calling for a soft, full light.
  • True Soft-Box Effect
  • Beautiful Light that Wraps Around Your Subject
  • Easier on Your Talents Eyes
  • F&V R300 Lumic 5600K LED Ring Light
  • F&V R300 15mm Rail Mount
  • F&V L-Shaped Bracket (Light Stand Mount)
  • R300 Magnetic Frost Diffusion & Tungsten Filter
  • 2x Sony NPF 970 Battery
  • Sony NPF Charger & IEC

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