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Infra Red Mini Plus LitePanel

Producing no visible light, the Litepanels IR is fast becoming an invaluable tool for cinema-verite style and reality TV projects and documentaries in which you want to keep your presence minimal or shoot unseen.

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A single unit bounced off the ceiling can illuminate an entire room.

  • Size: 6.83"W x 2.30"H x 1.18"D
  • (173mm x 60mm x 30mm)
  • Weight: 9.6oz (.36kg)
  • Power Draw: 0.83 amps @ 12VDC 
  • (10 Watts) 
  • Power Supply: DC: 10-30V, AC 
  • Adapter 100-240V
  • Infra Red Mini Plus Litepanel
  • MiniPlus Battery
  • D-Tap 12v Power Cable
  • LitePanel 12v 5cm Jumper Cable
  • Lite Panel Battery AC/DC Charger

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