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Pancake Lantern

Used by still photographers, filmmakers and videographers, for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light.

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Choose a Lantern according to the size of the room, and your working light fixture.
Use this size for casting omni-directional lighting for a medium-sized conference room, or small stage where setup space is limited.

  • Medium 35" (90cm) square x 17" (43cm) deep Pancake Lantern.
  • Pancake 500/1000w Mogul Base
  • 500/1000w Pancake Lantern (Med 89cm Dia)
  • Pancake 500w Bulb
  • Pancake 1000w Bulb
  • 5m (16ft) 16 Amp Extension Cable
  • Lite Tite Swivel Adaptor (Female - 026)

Hire the Pancake Lantern from Procam.
Best service and rental rates for the Pancake Lantern and all cameras, lenses, sound, lighting and grip.

Leica, Blackmagicdesign, Sony, ARRI, Canon, ZEISS, TLS, Panasonic

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