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Pulsar Maxi Strobe

The most compact strobe within the range is the Super-Maxi Strobe.
The cabinet holds the specially designed parabolic reflector and the unit is also fitted with a remote control socket for the Rainbow, Remote Control or other suitable controllers.
Pulsar strobes are used to give a climax to light-shows with distinctive 'freezing' of motion. Our strobes feature three colour gels (Yellow, Magenta & Cyan) so when used in pairs, produce 6 colours. 

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The speed range of Pulsar Strobes is from one flash every two seconds to sixteen flashes per sec. A jack socket is provided on all strobes to allow connection from a controller which provides a 10V pulse. The stand can be used for floor mounting and also has 'key holes' for wall mounting and for trussing clamps. Pulsar flash tubes are chosen for their long life and typically last about five million flashes (100 hours at full speed).

The high performance reflector is made of anodised super-pure aluminium providing a durable, highly reflective surface. The reflector is parabolic which gives you a well focused beam. Our patented circuit doubles the energy per flash (measured in joules or watt/seconds) each time the speed is halved thus keeping the flash tube running at its rated wattage. This means that at low speeds our strobe range produce an even more devastating effect.

  • Speed 0.5-16 f.p.s.
  • Patented circuit maximises light output
  • 3 secondary colour filters included
  • Powerful beam from focussed parabolic reflector
  • Remote control input socket
  • Pulsar Maxi Strobe
  • Pulsar Strobe Controller
  • Arri Light Stand

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