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Zero 88 6 Channel Dimmer

The Betapack provides six channels across twin outlets with a maximum load of 2000w / 10amps per channel. The Betapack can be controlled by either analogue or DMX control and provides a test switch for each individual channel. 6 x 2000w channels, 12 x 15amp outlets.

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The Betapack 3 range of six channel dimmer packs offers one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, this comprehensive range of convection cooled 6 x 10 Amp packs includes variants with sockets to match most global standards. Designed to be rack mounted, installed on a wall or carried, the Betapack 3 is suitable for a wide range of applications from amateur to professional, education to TV.

  • 6 Channel dimmers
  • 3 Dimmer curves
  • 12 Memories
  • Preheat per channel
  • Socket options
  • 6x10 Amps
  • ChilliNet compatibility
  • RDM Enabled
  • Zero 88 6 Channel Dimmer
  • DMX Level 6 Desk
  • Mains for DMX Desk
  • 25m 5pin XLR DMX Extension
  • 10m 5pin XLR DMX Extension
  • KT Run Bag

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