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Zero 88 Level 6 Desk DMX

Level 6 DMX is designed to be a simple and intuitive small lighting desk, making it ideal for DMX controlling of diverse applications. Featuring six channel faders and an overall master – the Level 6 DMX is convenient for hand held operation or alternatively fixed to a wall. Direct fader control also makes it useful for simple control of 2 RGB colour mixing groups or even used for testing and proving DMX control. A localised power supply is included in the package.

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6 Channels
6 channel faders allow for smooth fading of individual DMX channels.

Simple Connectivity
Simple connectivity with only a power supply and DMX output required.

Power LED
An integral power LED confirms the unit is ready for operation.

  • 6 Channel Manual Lighting Console
  • Single preset operation
  • Grand Master
  • DMX Control
  • Rugged case
  • Power LED
  • Zero 88 Level 6 Desk DMX (4 LED Parcan)
  • Mains for Zero 88 Desk
  • 10x 10m 5pin XLR DMX Extension (MUCX5SD1-10)
  • 25m 5pin XLR DMX Extension (MUCX5SD1-25)

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