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Sony KDL-65HX923 65 inch LED TV

The Sony KDL-65HX923BU is a 65 inch full HD 3D television with plenty of features to keep you happy and is Wi-Fi ready. The Sony KDL-65HX923 has dynamic edge LED that will give you high quality picture reproduction with strong detailed black levels which is achieved by local dimming LED backlight technology. Full HD picture will allow you to watch pictures with crisp detail, you can enjoy both 2D and 3D pictures in High definition with full HD 1080 technology.

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One of the great features with this Sony 65HX823 being that you can watch it from a wide viewing angle so don’t just have to sit in one specific place to obtain viewing enjoyment and you will find 3D images to be very lifelike.

With its black gloss finish the Sony KDL65HX923BU will complement anyone's surroundings being very pleasing to the eye. It is elegant and will look amazing wherever you decide to place this even when it is not on.

To enhance the viewing experience, Sony have given an Opticontrast panel to the Sony KDL-65HX923 allowing you to enjoy high contrast and detailed black tones with minimised glare from ambient light in the room so just like being in the cinema. If you are watching action scenes instead then this set has motion-flow XR 400, allowing you to follow the action at the equivalent of 400 frames per second.

One unusual feature of the Sony KDL-65HX923BU is the Intelligent Presence Sensor- the TV will alert you when people are sat too close to it, save energy when you are not watching it and can optimise pictures based on your viewing position. In addition the Sony KDL65HX923 can also be set to automatically optimise image quality by detecting brightness levels in the room and colour temperatures.

Comes with Unicol stand and carry case on wheels.

  • 3D 65" LED internet tv.
  • Comes with Unicol stand and carry case on wheels
  • Sony 65" LED TV - KDL65W955
  • Unicol Trolley for 65" LED
  • Sony 32/40/65" TV Remote (RM-ED054)

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