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Sony KDL40R473 40 inch LED TV

All the emotion of Full HD entertainment. From a tear rolling down the hero's face to the joyful look in the heroine's eye, the R45 reveals new levels of detail. Experience a Full HD resolution picture enhanced by a suite of technologies to produce sharper images, smoother action and sumptuous colour contrast.

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Heighten the detail, heighten the drama
The final duel's about to get more tense. Take HD detail a step further with Clear Resolution Enhancer ‐ a noise reduction and image enhancement technology that delivers a clear difference from standard LED TV. Images are crisp, textures are defined, and heightened contrast boosts on‐screen depth perception. An arrow shot from a bow will almost burst through your screen.

Movement looks smoother and more natural
At the height of the drama, when the hero is clinging to a cliff edge, Motionflow XR 100Hz ensures fast‐moving action sequences appear smooth, natural and lifelike. It even offers a choice of viewing modes to suit different content ‐ from movies to sport or live entertainment.

Energy efficient screen with Direct LED technology
Enjoy clear, high‐contrast picture quality ‐ and save energy too with Direct LED backlight technology. LEDs are more energy efficient than than the fluorescent lamps or plasma technology used in some TVs and keep power consumption to a minimum.

  • Full HD (1080p) LED TV with Clear Resolution Enhancer, smoother movement from Motionflow XR 100Hz and Direct LED backlighting
  • 40" 
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Motionflow XR 100Hz
  • Sony 40" LED TV
  • B-Tech TV Trolley for 40"
  • Sony 32/40/65" TV Remote (RM-ED054)

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