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63 Amp Three phase distro box

This is a very compact and light yet strong distribution box. A red neon light fitted to indicate that there is power to the distribution board.

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This device provides a total of (18) 16A, 230v outlets (on ‘Cform’ sockets). The unit connects to an industry standard 5 pin 63A red socket. This relates to a ‘star’ supply with a wired Neutral, not a ‘delta’ supply with a floating neutral.

A 63A 3 phase supply is capable of providing a total of about 43.5kW, or about 2.4kW per socket on average. It is recommended practice, especially on a generator, to attempt to balance the load between the three phases.

  • Each phase supplies (6) sockets, each with a 16A current breaker.
  • Each phase contains a combined leakage safety trip & 63A breaker. 
  • Master breaker for all outputs.
  • 63 Amp 3 Phase Distro Box
  • 63 Amp 5 way Input Cable for Distro Box

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