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Black Magic Cleanswitch - 1

Black Magic Cleanswitch

The Black Magic Cleanswitch can cleanswitch up to 12 sources of the same video standard. Great for small setups where uninterrupted switching is a must.

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Black Magic 40x40 - 1

Black Magic 40x40

The world’s first 12G‑SDI high frame rate Ultra HD 2160p60 router. With 40 I/O this router is perfect for a medium 4k shoot.

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Black Magic 72x72-1

Black Magic 72x72

This 72 x 72 router offers the user 3G routing with broadcast standard SDI connectors.

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Decimator DMON-16S 16-way Multiviewer

Decimator DMON-16S 16-way Multiviewer

This little unit packs a punch. Taking up to 16 inputs and processing them to show all 16 PiPs on one screen with AMUs, UMDs and Tallies.

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Evertz 5601 SPG-1

Evertz 5601 SPG

The 5601MSC Master Sync and Clock Generator is a broadcast quality, master sync pulse generator (SPG) and a master clock.

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