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Convergent Design Apollo Multi Channel Recorder Monitor

Convergent Design's Apollo OLED Monitor, Recorder, Switcher is a four camera HD video switcher that can record all four video inputs while simultaneously recording either the quad split display, or the program output. It builds upon the proven hardware of the Odyssey 7Q+, but stands by itself as a very different product.

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Dual SSD slots are provided for recording video to Convergent Design Premium 2.5" SSDs, which offer high speeds, reliability, and power-loss protection. Select Samsung SSDs are supported as an option to Convergent Design branded SSDs. The monitor features a 7.7", 1280 x 800, OLED, touchscreen display with a 3400:1 contrast ratio, true blacks, and professional monitoring features such as waveform, histogram, vectorscope, and 3D LUT support.

The Apollo features four distinct HD-SDI inputs, with two HD-SDI outputs as well as an HDMI in and output. has two 3G-SDI inputs, two 3G-SDI outputs, and two bi-directional 3G-SDI connectors which can be assigned as either inputs or outputs via menu selection. Most of the inputs/outputs are on the bottom of the monitor, with 1/4"-20 mounting threads on the sides. The touchscreen allows you to access the menu, and also select your program feed from your four inputs. As you would expect to find on a professional switcher, an on screen indicator shows you which camera input is active. An AC adaptor is included for powering the device, with optional battery plates available.

Professional Monitor
7.7" 1280x800 OLED touchscreen panel featuring true blacks and accurate colour with a full range colour gamut for REC709 or DCI-P3 viewing.

Multi-Stream Monitoring / Recording
Up to four HD video signals can be input and viewed simultaneously (quad-split) or live-switched (choose between inputs for full screen display). The four SDI, or three SDI and one HDMI inputs can be recorded individually with matching timecode as ProRes HQ, 422, or LT. In addition to recording the four HD inputs you can simultaneously record the quad-split view or the live switch.

When recording from multiple cameras, all the cameras must be outputting the same format and frame rate to the Apollo.

  • 7.7" 1280x800 OLED Touchscreen Monitor
  • Four Input Switching and Recording
  • Compatible with Select Samsung SSDs
  • HD Recording over SDI or HDMI
  • ProRes Recording
  • 3G-SDI Inputs/Outputs, HDMI In/Out
  • Image Analysis Tools
  • Built-In LUTs & Custom 3D LUT Support
  • Program Camera Indication
  • Convergent Design Apollo Recorder/ Monitor
  • Apollo Screen Protector
  • 2x Convergent Design SSD 512gb Card
  • Sata to USB3.0 Type A Plug Adaptor
  • Odyssey/ Apollo Mains Unit
  • 2x Convergent Design Dtap Power Cable (CD-OD-DTAP/PC-37B)
  • 2x Hawk-Woods VL-90HP V-Lok Battery
  • Hawk-Woods VL-2X2P Charger (Dual)
  • Convergent Design Aluminium Table Stand (CD-OD-AL-TS)
  • 6x Medium BNC 75ohm (5m)
  • 1m Mini HDMI - HDMI Lead
  • 1.8m Mini HDMI - HDMI Lead
  • 3m Mini HDMI - HDMI Lead
  • Standard Noga Arm DG1105 (1/4-1/4)
  • SSDs chargeable as per requirements

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