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Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Recorder/Monitor

Convergent Design's Odyssey7Q RAW Monitor & Recorder is an advanced follow-up to Convergent's Gemini 4:4:4 RAW monitor/recorder. The Odyssey7Q features a 7.7" 1280 x 800 OLED display with a 3400:1 contrast ratio and is equipped with advanced image analysis tools, including Vectorscope, Waveform, and RGB Parade. 

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The Odyssey7Q has two SDI inputs, two outputs, and two bi-directional HMDI ports. It automatically detects the incoming video format and when possible creates an entire recorder/monitor setup based on camera metadata. The bi-directional SDI ports can be assigned as either inputs or outputs via menu selection. When these are assigned as inputs, the monitor can simultaneously stream four separate 1080/30p/60i signals from a multicam setup. You can monitor all four in a quad-split screen, and each signal gets compressed and recorded as an individual .MOV file.  

The interface is a capacitive touchscreen and simple to navigate, meaning less setup time. All the controls can also be remotely accessed with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. Most of the inputs/outputs are on the bottom, and 1/4" mounting threads are on the sides. An AC adaptor is included for continuous power, and compatible IDX, 

Key Features

  • Compressed DNxHD and Apple ProRes codecs included
  • RAW & HD recorder/player
  • 4 SDI inputs & 2 outputs or 2 inputs & 4 outputs (you get to choose via the menu)
  • 8 channels (instead of 2 channels) embedded audio, 48kHz, 24-bit
  • Four video streams supported simultaneously
  • Quad split monitoring with live switching
  • Displays image analysis tools in four separate quadrants
  • Play back four separate HD video streams
  • Onion skinning support (overlay of still and live video)
  • Image analysis (Waveform, RGB Parade, etc.) during playback

DNxHD Codec Included
The Odyssey7Q includes a compressed DNxHD codec that will record up to 1080p60/50 10-bit 4:2:2. The firmware for the codec is preloaded and gets activated once you install a Convergent SSD.

Record Triggers
SDI record trigger (ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Sony)
Optional remote cable

Image Analysis Tools

Focus Assist
YRGB Waveform
False Colour
RGB Parade
H/V Flip/Flop
1:1 Mode
Recticule Markers
Horizon Indicator

  • 7.7" 1280x800 Monitor w/ 3400:1 Contrast
  • High-Speed RAW Recorder
  • Compressed DNxHD and Apple ProRes Included
  • Vectorscope, Waveform, RGB Parade, Etc.
  • 2 SDI In, 2 Out, 2 Bi-Directional, HDMI
  • Quad Streaming, Monitoring and Recording
  • 8-Channel 48 KHz, 24-Bit Embedded Audio
  • Touchscreen Interface / 2 Function Keys
  • ARRI, Canon, Sony LUT Support
  • 2 Slots for 2.5" Convergent Design SSDs
  • Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Recorder/Monitor
  • Odyssey Screen Protector
  • Portabrace RJ (MOODYSSEY)
  • Odyssey/ Apollo Mains Unit
  • 2x Convergent Design Dtap Power Cable (CD-OD-DTAP/PC-37B)
  • 2x Convergent Design SSD 512gb Card
  • Sata to USB3.0 Type A Plug Adaptor
  • Standard Noga Arm DG1105 (1/4-1/4)

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