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Copperhead 3200 Fiber Optic Camera Transceiver

The CopperHead™ 3200 system is a robust fiber optic link between your camcorder and your truck, control room or “video village” position.

The system will simultaneously transport both digital (SDI or HD-SDI) and analogue (NTSC or PAL) program video, as well as all two-way camera control, audio, video, data, tally/call and intercom signals between the camera and the base station.

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The Telecast Fiber CopperHead™ 3200 is durable with high quality and reliable design, that allows for all camera signals to be made available on lightweight fibre cable and low power consumption.

  • All camera signals on lightweight fiber cable 
  • Broadcast quality video and audio
  • Return HD video
  • Two-channel intercom
  • Multikilometer distance capability
  • Multiple fiber connector options
  • Battery mount options for Anton Bauer or V-Mount
  • Two fiber cable options
  • Tactical fiber
  • Military specification, battlefield proven
  • Requires local power at camera
  • Internal power supply delivers 95 w power to the camera up to 213 m (780 ft)
  • External powerplus delivers 100 w power to the camera up to 2 km (1.2 miles) 150 w opt.
  • Use the teleport™ 3G system to multiplex up to eight Copperhead™ 3200 systems onto a single strand of fiber
  • Durable, high reliability design

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