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LG DVD Player/Recorder

Only with the LG DRT389H can you bring all your home entertainment to one place plus make sure you're ready for digital TV. With the LG DRT389H digital TV recorder can you receive over 40 digital channels and record 21 hours worth of TV at the touch of a button direct to a DVD;simple and easy.

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If you love music, photos or making your own videos, this compact unit allows you to edit [video] and play them all in one place.

  • 8 day programme guide
  • Super multi DVD recorder - records onto all types of DVD discs
  • Play DVD's and upscale them to 1080P for improved picture quality
  • DV and USB input - connect camcorders, digital cameras and MP3 players
  • Simplink - use the same remote control as your compatible LG TV
  • LG DVD Player/Recorder
  • Remote Control

Hire the LG DVD Player/Recorder from Procam.
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