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Paperboat Production - Nepal

Thursday 21st January 2016

Pod Volunteer

Pod Volunteer is a non profit organisation inspiring volunteering opportunities all around the world, working with disadvantaged children, communities and conservation projects.

Pod Volunteer’s Film and Photography volunteer work in Nepal specifically focuses on helping support the women’s refuge and childcare centres in the beautiful Himalayan city of Pokhara by capturing images of valuable work accomplished by volunteers, charity donations and workshops.

The Project

Lissy Kowalski, a producer for a variety of production companies and charities in London has been working with Procam for a number of years. When she reached out to Procam regarding volunteering in Pod Volunteer’s ‘Film and Photography’ in Nepal, Procam was more than happy to contribute to her cause.

“It’s a much more immersive experience working full-time with these organisations than dipping in and out of the subject matter, which is usually the case when we make films.”

The footage Lissy would shoot was to be a part of the Pod Volunteer site, to serve as publicity material to inspire future volunteers, remove fears people had about travelling to Nepal and demonstrate what life would be like in Nepal.


Understanding the importance of Lissy’s need to capture great footage for Pod Volunteer, Procam recommended a 70-200mm lens, complimenting her Canon 650D. This would provide her with the freedom to be mobile whilst shooting in a professional manor, which was essential when shooting pictures of children in the childcare centres.

“There were a lot of moments that were valuable to me and that I will treasure forever. Every time a child expresses joy to see you, it all becomes worthwhile. Giving someone the feeling that they are cared for is invaluable.”

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