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Procam Manchester Provides Kit For Everest Commercial

Monday 19th June 2017
Over the shoulder view of a cameraman filming on set

Procam Manchester recently provided cameras, audio and lighting kits for Everest’s television commercial produced by The Chase Films.

The creative team's brief was to produce an eye-catching, memorable television commercial using well-known talent to communicate a key product feature.

The team at Everest and Chase Films wanted to show that the Everest GrabLock could hold weights of up to 600kg without opening, breaking, or cracking. To do this, the script required that they suspend a grand piano from a crane ‘above’ the presenter Craig Doyle.

The production team had one day to rig the premises, one day to shoot the content, followed by one day of de-rigging. A multi-camera setup was used on the day as it would ensure that the falling piano was captured from different angles for dramatic effect.

The creative team faced challenges of rapidly fading light, therefore, had to rig large lights for continuity purposes. The lights were sent up to the location within two hours to ensure that production's changing needs were met in real-time.

Piano being lifted by a crane
Cameraperson adjusting a camera

Alex Roberts, producer at The Chase Films said, “On a one-day shoot, it is vital that the production does not get delayed in any way, especially when up against natural lighting. This is one of the reasons we do not use anyone else. We trust Procam.”

Procam Manchester supplied two Alexa Plus cameras with other camera equipment coming from Take 2 (Arri Alexa XT Camera Kit, Go Pro 5, Zeiss Distagons, Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm T2.6 PL lens and Angenieux Optimo Style 24-290 T2.8 lens).

Watch the finished commercial here: GrabLock TV advert

Crane and cameras on set
Camera on set with a house in the background
On set filming a commercial
Large crane and entire house in view
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