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Procam Manchester Supplies Kit For Shoot Documenting Environmental Trip in Greece

Monday 05th February 2018
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Procam Manchester recently provided kit for a project that followed the environmental and cultural education of young people from Dagenham as they explored Greece with an educational travel company called Flooglebinder.

We provided DoP James Copson from Anattic with a Canon C300, Canon Primes and Zoom for the project. The aim of the shoot was to create three long-form adverts for Flooglebinder as a case study about what young people get out of the experience that the scheme offers.

James Copson followed the group to Greece where, Beth, Toby, and Kian, amongst others got hands-on experience in moving, maintaining, and protecting turtle nests, as well as a cultural education on Greek customs.

The team initially aimed to shoot a documentary following the entire tour, but changed their format to long-form ad styles about different participants due to monetary constraints.

Whilst shooting, the team ran into a few problems – the main being the use of stills EF glass on the Canon C300. Adjusting shots and focus efficiently was more difficult – they had to work with what they had and be more selective with the chosen focal lengths. To overcome this, the team stuck to focal lengths such as 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 200mm as best as they could. In the end, investing more time on composition and focus led to what they described as nicer shots.

James worked with the technical team at Procam Manchester to ensure that all bases were covered. He described the team as ‘friendly, helpful and thorough’ with seemingly trivial things as ‘ensuring there are the right amount of screws to fix the rig together’.

Watch the full clips below:

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