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Friday 03rd April 2020
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In May 2019, Nick Mason, one of the founding members of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, played two nights at The Roundhouse with his supergroup Saucerful of Secrets. Production and Post Production company HANGMAN was chosen to chronicle the event, enlisting the help of Procam Projects for filming support. The live recording was screened at selected cinemas worldwide on 10th March 2020, ahead of release on double-CD/DVD package, double-vinyl and on Blu-ray through Sony Records on 18th September 2020.

Procam Projects prepared, delivered and rigged 13 Sony F55 cameras with Sony AXS R7 4K Recorders to record RAW in-camera. These were accompanied by 3 ARRI Alexa Mini cameras and a cable cam to get sweeping shots above the crowd. The day before the shoot a Procam camera assistant attended The Roundhouse to assist with a pre-shoot involving remote cameras to capture close ups of the drums.

To achieve the look desired by DP Brett Turnbull, a variety of cine lenses were used for the project including Fujinon Cabrio zooms, Canon Cine zooms including the CN7 and CN20, and Angenieux Optimo zooms. These were once considered an unusual choice for an OB project, however through Procam Projects’ bespoke lens control system, the team were able to fully integrate the cine lenses into the workflow of an OB environment.

Due to venue constraints, all cameras were racked through to the Procam Projects Protruck, which housed the production and engineering galleries, enabled by Projects’ inventory of Ereca Cam Racers. A total of 35 monitors were supplied, including 7” and 9” TV Logic Monitors for the camera teams and a combination of both 17” and 24” monitors for the galleries.

Procam Projects supplied multiple crew members for the project, including a Technical Supervisor, Unit Manager, Guarantee Engineer, Comms Engineer, Vision Engineers, Camera Assistants, Riggers and Technicians.

“We were thrilled to be chosen to facilitate the multi-camera filming of this fantastic performance. Our investment in the latest fibre and 4K technology meant we were able to offer a cine approach that otherwise would not have been possible in an OB environment,” said Vicky Holden, Managing Director of Procam Projects.

“With only a single full show recording night, there were a lot of technical considerations and pressure to absolutely deliver, as we only had one shot! Procam completely supported this project from the very start and helped us to capture an incredible night for the band,” said James Tonkin, Director – HANGMAN.

Saucerful of Secrets – Live at The Roundhouse will be available on Double Vinyl, Double CD/DVD and Blu-Ray 18th September 2020 and is currently available for pre-order at Check out the trailer below.

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