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Procam Shoots 'Stitched Up' For Horror Film Competition

Wednesday 16th November 2016
Stitched Up Film Poster Full

The Project

Martin Moseley, Assistant Warehouse Manager at Procam, reached out to the Procam team for assistance when shooting his entry, ''Stitched Up' for the '60 seconds to die' competition.

Martin wanted to tell a story that would evoke the audience’s imagination by providing them with the freedom to interpret the story themselves. His overall aim was to present an element of shock, without being too extreme with the graphic content.

As Martin explains, “I wanted the horror in this film to be subtle, but also realistic with hopes that it would make people’s toes curl. Hopefully we pulled it off.”

Consultancy Expertise

Martin wanted to light the set with a mixture of highlights and shadows, both of which the Amira could capture without any trouble. The Arri Amira, shooting in Log C at Prores422 with a set of Cooke S4i Primes were used, which provided 14 stops of dynamic range and an effortless, cinematic quality.

Procam’s expertise was required very early on, with light being a topic of great importance throughout the shoot. Martin wanted the shoot to portray a dark and uncomfortable atmosphere, however, the location’s ceiling was filled with skylights. Too much light and it would give the effect of a summer’s day, completely conflicting with the dark, toe-curling atmosphere that Martin wanted to create. 

Fortunately, Procam’s DoP and Head of Training and Development, Saul Gittens stepped in with his expertise. Saul is knowledgeable and well versed in setting up the mixture of HMI’s and Tungsten lights with CTB gels to restrict the effect of sunlight. This required constant tweaking and adjustments throughout the day, as the position of light changed. The crew at The Farm Group was also able to grade the film afterwards to provide the final touches necessary to achieve the eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere that Martin sought.

Crew members observing a monitor with video footage

Successful Shoot

Although the short was just 60 seconds, it was shot over a full 12-hour day and required a 16-person crew to create. As a result of the unwavering efforts and dedication of the Procam crew, Martin’s short has been accepted and will be included in the ‘60 Seconds to Die’ feature film, which will be screened around the world.

As Martin shares, “It was a great collaboration. This shoot would not have been possible without Procam. Not only were we able to use camera and lighting equipment of the highest standard, we even had location and transport arranged which was incredible.”

'Stitched Up' has been selected as part of the Filminute 2016 Shortlist, as well as making it to a plethora of shortlists, with Filminute staff and community saying that "this film is beautifully shot, the performances are tersely delivered, and it's all difficult to watch. We can imagine this unhappy couple before this scene. We can viscerally imagine them afterwards. Therein lies the horror. Take a breath." 

To watch the film in all its gory, head here.

Stitched Up Film Poster
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