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Carbon Literacy Training with Procam and albert

Thursday 28th February 2019
Literacy training procam

Procam is proud to partner with albert to offer Carbon Literacy training at its Procam London HQ. In early 2018, Procam became the first CarbonNeutral® hire facility in Europe. In a dedicated effort to neutralise our impact on the environment, Procam implemented company-wide initiatives across its offices to reduce its footprint by over 200 tonnes and to encourage sustainability, including the purchase of 100% renewable energy through albert’s Creative Energy Project. 

This national training scheme provides the TV and film industries with the skills and tools to mount a non-political, optimistic, science-based response to climate change. Across the one day course, delegates will benefit from understanding the impacts of climate change and how to take action to reduce carbon emissions in both the workplace and at home. You will leave with the knowledge and skills required to create productions in a more sustainable way. 

Attendees of the training will gain:

  • Detailed introduction to climate change and its personal and professional implications
  • Opportunity to explore the environmental impact of professional and personal activity
  • Summary of the roles of government, businesses and communities
  • Examples of good practice, tools and practical solutions to support positive action
  • The skills to appraise performance and the inspiration to take further action

Procam London Workshop details:

  • Location: Procam London
  • Date: Wednesday, May 1st
  • Time: 10:00AM- 5:00PM

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Procam Glasgow Workshop details:

  • Location: Procam Glasgow
  • Date: Thursday, May 16th 
  • Time: 10:00AM- 5:00PM

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