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Procam Group’s Media Technology Day was held for the first time on 1st Nov at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho

Monday 06th November 2017

Procam Group’s Media Technology Day was held for the first time last week at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. The event, hosted in partnership with Broadcast Magazine, featured camera technology from seven exhibitors with a focus on the latest camera launches and technology.

ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony showcased a range of kit, as well as lens manufacturer Cooke Optics, True Lens Services, and wireless sync and control system provider, Timecode Systems in conjunction with Procam Projects. Affiliate sponsors, Splice Post, hosted a panel discussion on post-production.

Guests were treated to coffee and breakfast before attending a full and varied panel and seminar schedule in the 4K cinema, which ran alongside the exhibition space. Networking over drinks and canapes were enjoyed by a packed venue during the closing hour. 

The seminars, hosted by the manufacturers, covered the technology on display, as well as wider topics pertinent to the UK television and production industry. Discussions were held by industry-leading cinematographers, producers, commissioning executives, whilst seminars from ARRI, Canon and Sony were hosted by global product managers.

Panels and Seminars 

Panasonic's talk on the VariCam line-up kicked off the sessions and panels for the day. Journalist Adrian Pennington interviewed Kelvin Richard, DoP, on his experience of shooting drama series with the VariCam line-up. Richard noted that the tonal quality on the VariCam is such that DoPs don’t have to try too hard to get the looks they desire.

At 11am, Broadcast chaired a debate on the ‘Future of TV Drama’. The panel discussed how big-name drama productions such as Game of Thrones and House of Cards were changing audience expectations. Lisa Holdsworth, writer and Chair of the Writer’s Guild, moderated the panel. She was joined by Manpreet Dosanjh, Commissioning Executive, Channel 4, Martin Haines, COO of Kudos and Frith Tiplady, Executive Producer on the panel. They discussed how the growth of Netflix and blockbuster dramas influenced the nature in which TV dramas get created.

Sony’s Product Marketing Manager, Sebastian Leske, introduced the next generation of CineAlta motion picture camera to attendees. He presented an in-depth analysis of the capabilities of the Sony VENICE, a 36x24mm full frame 6K sensor camera.

Affiliate sponsor, Splice Post, hosted a discussion on how multi-platform delivery is changing the way we think about post-production craft, technology, and workflow. Panellists included Leila Monks, co-founder of Antidote Productions, Claire Whalley, MD of What Larks!, Adam Dolniak, Head of Picture/Senior Colourist at Splice Post and Nic Knowland, BSC. The discussion was moderated by Splice Post, Facilities Director, Kate Higham. Nic Knowland, BSC said he hoped that HDR would be carefully controlled in future, as it will increase viewing pleasure, especially as there is a loss of fidelity once 4K, UHD or HDR assets get transferred to the cinema or mobile devices.

ARRI‘s Product Manager, Curt Schaller, showed the audience a live-use demonstration of the TRINITY stabilizer during the ‘Creativity in Motion’ seminar. Dom Jackson, TRINITY owner and operator, operated the camera equipment during the session.

RED Digital Cinema presented the 3pm Planet Earth II panel which looked at how innovative technology met inspirational creativity on the world’s most-watched natural history documentary in more than 15 years. Andy Quested, Standards Lead, BBC Design and Engineering moderated the panel. Attendees watched exclusive clips from the documentary and got a behind-the-scenes look at the camera technology used on the production. Chadden Hunter, Producer/Director for BBC Natural History Unit, Rob Drewett, Wildlife Cameraman, BBC Natural History Unit and Louis Labrom, Technical Coordinator, Planet Earth II were on the panel.

Canon presented the final seminar of the day, ‘The World’s Car of the Year’. Videographer and filmmaker Brett Danton shared his experiences of shooting with the newest member of the Cinema EOS family - the EOS C200. He worked with the EOS C200 during his recent Jaguar TV advert shoot.

Showcase of the Latest Kit

The Media Technology Day offered an exclusive opportunity for attendees to get their hands on the latest technology in the market. Exhibiting manufacturers showcased a range of their products, several of which were shown publicly in the UK for the first time. Highlights from exhibitors include:

ARRI demoed the TRINITY, the new 5-axis hybrid stabilizer and flagship of the ARRI camera stabilizer system range, paired with the ALEXA Mini and 15.5 - 45mm ARRI Alura Lightweight Zoom. Also on display were the ARRI Multicam options of an Amira with 19-90mm Cabrio Zoom, enabled via the DTS fibre back, as well as an Alexa Mini with 16mm Zeiss master prime, and Ereca CamRacer fibre back. A third Alexa Mini with Master Grips rounded off the offering, coupled with a 50mm Zeiss Ultra Prime. Additionally, ARRI’s latest camera showreel was shown on an LG 65” OLED HDR screen.

Canon featured the newly released EOS Canon C200 with a Canon CN-E18-80mm and Canon CN-E Primes and EOS C700 with a CN-E30-300mm. Also on display was the  new HDR 4K monitor, DP-V2411.

For the first time, Sony’s VENICE was shown publicly in the UK. The VENICE was kitted out with a Cooke Anamorphic (Standard) 32mm. In addition to the latest development to the CineAlta line-up, Sony exhibited the F55 with a Cooke Panchro/i Classic 100mm, and the FS7 II, paired with a Sony 18 100mm and a Cooke Mini S4/i E-Mount 40mm.

Along with the new and highly anticipated Panasonic EVA1, Panasonic showcased the Varicam Pure with a Cooke Anamorphic Zoom 35-140mm, which there are only three of in all of Europe. Also on display were the Varicam 35 (with Cooke Panchro/i Classic 40mm), and two Varicam LT’s (with a Cooke S4/i 100mm and Angenieux 16-40mm)

RED showcased the WEAPON 8K S35, paired with a Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus 40mm and RED EPIC-W 8K S35 with a 75mm Cooke Speed Panchro, rehoused by TLS. Take 2 showed their latest offering from RED, the WEAPON 8K VV Anamorphic, which was paired with Cooke Anamorphic 32mm, the only 32mm SF in the UK. Also on display by Motion Impossible was the Agito, a robotic dolly system.

TLS had a selection of rehoused lenses on display, including: Super Baltar 50mm and 75mm, Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm, Kowa 50mm, the full Canon K35 range (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm), Petzvals 58mm and 85mm, Nikon 80-200mm, Nikon 24-70mm and 14mm Canon FD and 135mm Canon FD lenses.

Procam Projects showcased a cine 4K multicam set-up with galleries, demonstrating their multicamera integration capabilities with exhibiting camera partners at the event. In collaboration with Timecode Systems, Projects demonstrated how Timecode’s wireless system can be used to automatically synchronise multiple sound and video sources effortlessly.

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