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Procam invests in new High Performance V-Lok Batteries

Thursday 03rd September 2015

Setting the standard in kit rental

Procam is proud to announce our £600,000 investment in the brand new range of Hawkwoods High Performance V-Lok Batteries. We’re constantly looking ahead for upcoming innovations in digital cinematography to keep us at the forefront of technology and broadcast rental. Our clients are always at the heart of everything we do, so giving them access to the best kit possible is our number one priority. Renowned for its high-quality, best-of-breed products, Hawkwoods’ High Performance batteries provide spectacular performance with handy practical features. These include a useful built-in fuel gauge and discharge, short circuit and thermal protection to ensure the batteries stay on peak form even after regular use in the field.

Why batteries?

We’re renowned for our world class kit and ensure every last accessory is the leading technology in its field. We listen closely to client feedback and they demanded longer lasting batteries to push their productions to the next level. So we responded with the best products we could find. Performance testing shows the High Performance V-Lok batteries will last twice as long as the regular Hawkwoods V-Lok range and other conventional batteries*. When you demand more from your rental facility, you deserve more. Procam give clients exactly what they need, does your facility do the same?

What makes them special?

Not only are the High Performance V-Lok batteries designed for todays ‘power hungry’ cameras, but are compatible with widely used, high powered LED lighting that is rapidly becoming a staple in the industry. Harnessing the latest in cell technology, their low resistance can effortlessly power your cameras with all the accessories connected for an outright stunning performance. Not only do we invest in kit that leads the way in technological developments, but also kit that challenges the norm. Because nobody notices normal.

How do they affect the environment?

At Procam we’re always striving to curb our carbon footprint and make greener, eco-friendly choices across the entire business. The High Performance V-Lok batteries have a longer cycle life and can be used up to a thousand times before they need disposing or replacing. The battery capacity remains the same, so power for your production is never compromised.

We’re starting the battery revolution. Why don’t you join us?

*Provided by Brian Woodford, Hawkwoods, September 2015

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