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Procam partners with Genera in its effort to make film funding simple

Sunday 01st October 2017
Advert detailing the Procam kit offer of £28,400 worth of kit

Genera Films was set up to help short filmmakers achieve funding worldwide in an alternative way that doesn’t require lengthy audition processes or loss of creative control. Applicants pay a one-off fee submission fee to be entered to receive funding of up to £5,000 and now can also apply for kit sponsorship through Procam’s partnership with Genera. 

Shortlisted winners are selected based on the strength of their story and vision, previous work and/or experience, and the viability of the project budget and production. 

The funding round opens today, October 1st and closes Dec 31st. Shortlisted winners will be announced January 10th, and winners announced January 17th.

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