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Procam Proudly Supports Scientist Dr Gina Moseley on Climate Change Expedition to Greenland

Thursday 26th July 2018
Images of Greenland mountain in 2015 expedition
Images of team in tent in 2015 expedition
Images of team at mouth of cave in 2015 expedition

As a forward-thinking company committed to sustainable practices and neutralising our impact on the environment, Procam is proud to support scientist Dr. Gina Moseley on her adventure-based climate research expedition in the Wegener Halvø peninsula of East Greenland.  Due to the nature of the trip, Procam is providing lightweight, compact, easily stored equipment that does not need excessive amounts of batteries to aid the documentary storyteller in capturing the expedition. 

The expedition name is a combination of the first letters of the area 'East Greenland' and the current year '2018' = EAGRE 18. Due to the sparse records of climate and environmental change for coastal areas in Greenland, this project seeks to address the knowledge gap between current warming trends that cannot be applied in the context of past changes and models that predict future changes (which cannot be validated against observational data in the past).

Man surveying ice forms on the inside of a cave

This project will construct records of climate and environmental change from sediments in caves on the Wegener Halvø peninsula in East Greenland. Typically, cave-based climate researchers use stalagmites (a type of rock formation that rises from the floor of a cave due to material deposited) to construct records of past climate change. This project is unique in its approach as it will aim to use sediments instead. In doing so, they will apply the most up-to-date techniques that are normally used on deep-sea sediments.

The expedition will take place on 26 July and will end in late August, weather and sea conditions permitting. The boat will sail from Akureyri, Iceland, to Grimsey Island and on to Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, and then the Wegener Halvø Peninsula. 

The full team consists of scientist Dr. Gina Moseley as project leader, adventure photographer Robbie Shone as documentary storyteller, Dario Schwoerer as an accomplished mountain guide, caver, and climatologist, and one other person who has expertise in rope-access and/or karst and speleogenesis (the origin and development of caves).

The team will disseminate the project via social media: @greenland_caves on Twitter and @greenland_caves on Instagram

To follow along, go to either Northeast Greenland Caves Project which will be updated by the support team to reflect the EAGRE Project's most up-to-date movements. You can also track their whereabouts on our Twitter page @ProcamTV

We wish everyone on the team a safe and productive trip!

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